Loving Yourself, Embracing the Beloved Within Workshop

Loving Yourself, Embracing the Beloved Within Workshop

The recording of this beautiful channeling from Mother Mary. Includes Mp3

Mother Mary has given us this message

" You have come to this earth plane to learn about love. This is your greatest mission; to feel the abundant love that dwells within you and to share it with others. Falling in love with yourself brings the experience of Heaven on Earth because your heart is fully open to receive the Greatest Love of your life...your own self love. Your Beloved One within has been waiting for you to listen to your heart and answer the call to come home. This is pivotal for your Ascension process."
Benefits of purchasing this healing workshop with Mother Mary

The greatest abundance available to you is your relationships...first and foremost is your relationship with yourself.

When you have a loving, harmonious relationship with yourself, this affects every aspect of your life including :

- The quality of all of your relationships

- Your capacity to love others
- Your health and energy
- Self nurturance
- Your connection to the Divine
- Your happiness- Greater peace of mind
- Stronger sense of stability
- Your work life and ca
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