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  • A Powerful Process to Begin Anew

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    (Please note, all sessions in person in Santa Barbara. Unavailable at present and resume after the Pandemic.)

    Christina Maria has been personally trained by Leonard Orr, the Founder of Rebirthing.


    Rebirthing is a very powerful form of breath work. It involves merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle, relaxed rhythm and intuitive way that floods the body with Divine Energy. It gives you the ability to breathe in energy as well as air and ignites every cell in the body with energy. Every breath induces relaxation.


    Since the breath is the essence of life itself, Rebirthing greatly enhances the life force and libido. It is the best cleanse that you can give to yourself because it is both a physical and emotional purification process which clears out toxins, trauma and repressed energy. When I was growing up, both of my parents were smokers. In my first rebirthing session I actually released cigarette smoke from my body.


    Rebirthing incorporates the body - mind into the conscious "Life of the Eternal Spirit", bringing greater health, joy, success and peace of mind. It takes one to an experience of ecstasy and bliss which can be felt throughout the entire body. It also reverses the aging process.


  • What People are Saying about Rebirthing Sessions with Christina Maria


    "Wow, I am amazed how such a simple process can be so powerful

    and transformational!!"
    Christina is a beautifully masterful Rebirthing facilitator, who works from and with the most essential and healing level of "Life Energy". I highly encourage every one to experience this extraordinary process as an essential part of your spiritual journey."
    Christa Santoni
    Santa Barbara, CA


    An explosion of unbounded love

    "I had my first Rebirthing session with Christina Maria and it was a beautiful experience. I went through the whole gamut of feelings, from mild uncertainty at first and then on to physical euphoria and an explosion of unbounded love. I fell into a deeper place than I typically do when meditating or doing other spiritual practices. It felt like parts of myself that I came into the session with and wanted to have addressed such as shyness, uncertainty over my work and my capacity to share love, had been cleansed and returned to their inherent purity.

    With deep gratitude, I highly recommend this amazing experience.

    Zubin Mathai
    Meditation Teacher
    Santa Barbara, CA



    My body knew exactly what to do to breathe and release these very old blocks that were preventing me from being me and in my joy.
    " I recently did a very powerful Rebirthing with Christina. I had a very traumatic birth - almost strangled with the chord around my neck as I came out. I had to be pushed back in to unwrap the chord. My twin left me as the doctor pushed me back inside. This has truly caused fear and not feeling safe in the world.

    I knew it was time to be rebirthed and I must admit I had a lot of fear. When the session began, so much fear arose that I was beginning to think that I could not do the process. After talking with Christina, sharing my fears and feeling her unconditional love and the safety of the process, I finally let go. I was no longer in control. My body knew exactly what to do to breathe and release these very old blocks that were preventing me from being me and in my joy.

    I feel so much freer

    I can not fully express the impact this Rebirthing had on my life. I feel so much freer and am filled with gratitude for this amazing healing. Christina is a master and her loving and peaceful countenance provide the perfect, nurturing space for healing. Her home is also a place of peace and healing.

    I highly recommend that you take advantage her skills and her gifts. This is a gift that will last! "

    Much Love,

    Trudy Bixby

    Professional Singer

    Santa Barbara, CA


    Rebirthing has transformed my life.

    " Rebirthing has transformed my life. Every session has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and liberation. I always feel lighter, more connected, more aliveness and joy. I've also shed a lot of uncomfortable and dysfunctional patterns."

    Mark Lind, MA

    Spiritual Counselor

    Richmond, VA

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