• Gifted Healer, Spiritual Teacher

    Divine Channel & Embodiment for Mother Mary

    Christina Maria Kramer MA.



    Christina Maria has gained international recognition as a gifted healer, spiritual teacher and channel for Mother Mary. As a young child, she was able to see and communicate with angels and at the age of seven she heard the calling to serve the Divine Mother, who began preparing her for her great mission -- to help awaken the hearts of humanity and to anchor the Divine Feminine on to the planet.


    In person, she has a down to earth, compassionate and very loving presence. Having been through many personal challenges and experienced many faith traditions she is very welcoming and understanding of your experience.


    During the group and individual channelings, Christina Maria embodies Mother Mary as she brings through her unconditional love, wisdom and beautiful messages. Transmissions of Mother Mary's profound healing energy are also given as she sings beautiful sounds which open the heart and harmonize the chakras and energy field. Many have received deep emotional and physical healing through these transmissions.


    Christina Maria leads retreats internationally and has appeared on television and international radio. She has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing -- a four year program in energy medicine. She is also a practioner of the Metamorphic Technique, a Reiki Master and a Rebirther. She lived and taught at Kripalu Yoga Center and also taught at the School for Enlightenment and Healing.

    Christina Maria has worked with individuals and groups for 30 years in private practice and diverse settings such as Hospice, Crisis Centers and a Pain and Stress Relief Clinic. She also leads seminars in personal and spiritual growth, energy medicine and angelic healing.




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