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    Would you like to have ongoing support for your personal growth?

    Spiritual Counseling is a wonderful choice during these times of uncertainty and transformation.

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    "Her work has benefited me greatly"

  • Christina Maria Kramer, MA

    Over 30 Years of Advanced Spiritual Counseling Experience

    to support you in your life transformation.

    Get expert help for your journey

    Christina Maria brings a Master's Degree in Spiritual Counseling and many years of diverse and multi - dimensional trainings, skills and experience to her work as a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor.


    Her approach is very heart - centered, intuitive and grounded. It encompasses all areas of personal and spiritual growth and transformation at its deepest core. She has been called a master by many of her clients in her ability to understand and deeply connect with them and to unleash the core issues that are ready to be healed and set free.


    Christina Maria provides gentle yet powerful tools to release old wounds and limiting patterns and beliefs. With her skilful and compassionate guidance, her clients have experienced life changing transformation.


    Sessions will be held by phone and can be recorded and sent to you.

    How spiritual counseling will help you

    Through this sacred journey of self - realization, you will learn how to open your heart and shatter the illusion of separation, which is essential for true happiness and healthy relationships. You will also learn how to deeply connect with your beautiful Higher Self and access your own innate wisdom. As you learn how to listen to your soul's authentic voice, healing and transformation are inevitable. The gifts of enlightenment, greater self - love, self - acceptance, compassion, true freedom and joy are given to you. Your life becomes the fulfillment of living as your authentic self in alignment with your divine purpose. You find deeper meaning and richness in all aspects of your life. All that your heart desires can be actualized!


    What type of issues can Spiritual Counseling with Christina Maria help?

    Some areas of focus in your sessions may include, but are not limited to :

    Life transitions, health, dying, grief, relationships, inner child healing, empowerment, spiritual growth, divine purpose, connecting with your Higher Self and spiritual guardians, guided imagery, stress management


    Take the journey of transformation fully supported in light

    Are you ready to transform? Choose Christina Maria to help you cope, integrate, evolve and soar, fully embraced by the Divine.

  • Is Spiritual Counseling with Christina Maria

    Right for You?

    Are you facing any of these issues:

    - Coping with fearful, difficult or painful situations?

    - Not feeling safe in this chaotic world?

    - Feeling a New Spiritual Calling but not sure how to move forward?

    - Feeling called to be of greater service in the World?

    - Trying to figure out your life purpose?

    - Coping with Big Choices and New Opportunities

    in your career and personal life?

    - Would like to know how to Embrace, Integrate

    and Live your Divine Feminine?


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    "Powerful Sessions"

    "Christina's graceful and loving presence informed every step of our healing journey together, She creates such a feeling of safety and peace. Very skillfully and thoroughly, she invites me back to a state of wholeness and restoring my own sense of interconnectedness.

    She is also very gifted in her ability to work with my energy field. Clearly, she has found her heart path. She is a natural at her work and comes highly recommended. I am grateful for the powerful sessions I have received through her guidance and expertise."


    ~Margaretta McIlvaine
    Founder of Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center
    Keswick, VA

  • What people have experienced working with Christina Maria for their transformation

    "Christina Maria is a Miracle worker !!!!

    "Christina Maria is a miracle worker !!!! After years of working on myself to become more self aware and conscious, all of a sudden I found myself getting slammed rapid fire by one thing after another. I believe I attract the lessons I need to learn, but was having a hard time trying to figure out how to learn from these. Christina in her gentle and powerful way did a session with me that revealed past life issues that had come back into my life to be resolved. I was able to reframe the experience and move on stronger and wiser. I have great respect for her work."

    ~Michelle Prosser
    Life Coach and author of Excuse Me, Your God Is Waiting
    Charlottesville, VA


    Helped my Mother Make a Peaceful Transition

    "Dear Christina, You had seen my mother last month for a session. She was in a very advanced stage of lung cancer. She died a week later after seeing you while we were all visiting. I want to thank you for working with her. The time she had with you really made a difference. After the session, she was able to talk about dying and how she felt and said that she was now ready to go. She told me how important it was seeing you and talked about her visit many times. I know you helped to make her passage very peaceful. Thank you."

    ~ Holly Farnan
    Philadelphia, PA


    Illuminating, right on target

    brings a welcomed peace and relief to my life

    "A session with Christina Maria is a wonderful voyage of self-discovery ; she administers with compassion and consummate skill, counseling sessions that feel like transformational healings which instruct in the deeper meaning of one's path during this life time. I always feel great energy flowing through my body, healing my wounds, issues and imbalances like nothing I've ever experienced before. Her clairvoyant sight is illuminating, right on target and brings a welcomed peace and relief to my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical or emotional healing or for those who wish to more deeply pursue and understand their spirituality and / or purpose in life."

    ~Brett Brunner, MA
    Latin teacher, organic farmer
    Charlottesville, VA

    Helped me to move through many tough and challenging times in my life

     "I have been working with Christina off and on for sixteen years, attending workshops, and receiving healing and counselling sessions. Her integrity, compassion and insights have helped me to move through many tough and challenging times in my life. Her guidance has enabled me to find the strength to do what I knew in my heart I needed to do. She has helped me move through my life with deeper insight, a kinder heart and loving patience. I highly recommend her gifts and skills to anyone seeking more clarity, inner peace and self love"

    ~ Margart Porter Daniel
    Art Teacher
    Richmond VA


    Extremely grateful for Christina's loving guidance

    "Christina has the gift of healing. In a transformational counseling session, she gently led my physical, mental and spiritual bodies through old territory into the open field of new possibilities. With a clear sense of direction, her gifted intuition, her thought provoking questions and her compassionate heart, she opened a door for me to an understanding of how pieces of a traumatic experience fit together on a higher plane. After many years of trying to come to terms with my father's suicide, Christina helped me to move beyond pain and feelings of guilt to a place where I could separate myself from my father's destiny.


    I came to a place where I can love my father for who he was in life and accept his decision to end it. I am now able to receive the gifts he has given me throughout his life and deeply feel that he wanted me to be happy on my own journey. This work has deeply impacted my life and I am extremely grateful for Christina's loving guidance."

    ~Dorothy B
    Charlottesville, VA



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