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    Barbara Brennan Healing Sessions

    One of Word's Most Renowned Healing Systems

    These sessions provide a very comprehensive and deeply integrative form of healing. Each chakra and layer of the energy field is balanced, cleared, energized and repaired (if needed). Sound healing is also integrated as specific pitches are toned into the chakras, which greatly enhances their health and vitality. Throughout the session all parts of the body are addressed. Inhibiting patterns of disease, emotional blockages, limiting beliefs or past traumas can be healed and released.
    Sessions may include specific healing techniques for working with Cancer, Heart disease, Spinal healing, Etheric surgery, Hara healings which aligns one with their Divine Purpose, and Emotional healing... or just come to feel WONDERFUL !
    During sessions Christina Maria is also a channel for the presence and guidance of Angels, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones and Ascended Masters.
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    Metamorphic Technique

    Release of Blocks and Beliefs ( will be available again only in person in Santa Barbara.)

    Metamorphic Technique

    This is a very gentle and deeply relaxing massage which is applied to the feet, hands and head. Every point that is massaged, corresponds to a stage of development during the nine month gestation period. As each point is massaged, dysfunctional patterns, beliefs and genetic conditions which were set down during those respective stages are released.


    Massaging the feet helps you to move more freely and directly on your path. Massaging the hands increases creativity and supports what you want to create in your life. Massaging the head releases old beliefs, phobias and conditioning that no longer serve you.

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    Testimonials for Christina Maria's physical healing work

    Ecstatic and beyond grateful for a Miraculous Healing

    " I would like to share an extraordinary healing experience that I had with Christina Maria. I was due to have extremely expensive and extensive gum surgery due to accelerated and painful gum disease. I was in such pain that I couldn't even chew. I was told that I not only needed to have major gum surgery, but that I was also going to lose half of my teeth ! At the same time that I was experiencing the teeth / gum situation, I was involved in an accident and was experiencing extreme pain in both my back and right knee.


    I had a long distance energy healing session with Christina Maria for my gums, back and right knee. I am ecstatic and beyond grateful for what I consider to be nothing less than a miraculous healing ! Not only did my gum disease completely heal, my back and right knee are completely back to normal.


    Christina Maria is truly an angel walking this earth and a blessing to all those who get to experience her extraordinary gift of healing."

    Michelle Tuthill
    Los Angeles,CA


    Amazing Results which prevented surgery

    " Christina Maria is one of the most gifted healers that I have ever worked with. I have received healings from her - both in person and long distance - and they are equally powerful. Through a ski accident, I injured my knee very badly. I was scheduled for surgery. The doctor insisted that it be as soon as possible. I came to see Christina Maria for three sessions, in which she performed "etheric surgery". The results were amazing ! When I went back to see my doctor, there was no need for surgery. In awe he said to me, "just keep up whatever you're doing". I am extremely grateful for Christina Maria's great gifts as a healer."

    Phyllis Labanowski

    Elementary School Teacher

    Conway, MA



    Healed issues that had been with me since Infancy

    and Early Childhood

    " Christina Maria is a very gifted healer. In my sessions, I can feel the energy in my body shift as she clears and aligns my chakras. I experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation which stays with me long after the session is over. She was able to clarify and heal issues that had been with me since infancy and early childhood, enabling me to understand how long held thought patterns can negatively affect our physical and emotional health. She has given me specific exercises to assist me in both my physical and emotional healing. She also focuses concentrated healing energy to specific parts of my body with amazing results. I highly recommend a healing session with Christina Maria to anyone on the journey to wellness."

    Karen L. Long

    Palmyra, VA


    Every part of my body felt deeply healed

    "Based on a wonderful experience with Christina Maria in one of her energy healing seminars, I decided to have a healing session with her. I have seen quite a few very gifted healers and Christina Maria is among the most accomplished. Throughout the session, I felt the energy very strongly with the clear sensation of being nourished. Christina Maria's approach felt very thorough, as if every part of my body was being deeply healed. In addition to the energy work, she incorporated sound healing to help open my chakras, which I felt very distinctly.


    After the session, I definitely felt very relaxed, lighter, grounded, expansive and a sense of having more of myself. The powerful effects of the work can be felt immediately. With her gifts, intelligence, intuition and great kindness, Christina Maria is a wonderful ambassador for this healing art.


    Steve Schecter