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" Mary - The Most Powerful Woman in the World." This caption along with a picture of Mother Mary is portrayed on the cover of a recent issue of National Geographic. Who is Mother Mary ? We know her as the mother of Jesus - a humble, devoted woman of God. She is however much more than this. Mary is the feminine face of God - powerful, beautiful, radiant and dynamic ! What is this great power that she possesses? The power is her enormous love and compassion that endears millions of people to her. She opens and heals our hearts and our deepest wounds.
Mother Mary is also the mother of miracles. I have visited many Marian sites such as Lourdes in France, where thousands of people have been cured of very serious, "incurable" conditions from the healing waters. Many left their crutches and wheel chairs behind. I remember coming out of the water and being in an altered state of such deep peace, that I could not even speak for hours. Years later, in the chapel of an ancient Cathedral in Assisi, Italy, Mother Mary appeared to me through one of her statues. After this deeply profound experience, I took photos of the statue. What appeared in the photos were her apparitions. I believe this occurred so that I could bear witness to others of her constant presence in our lives.
In my work as a channel and messenger for Mother Mary, she made a direct request to me which was, " I would like you to teach my children how to feel me". She wants us to feel her great love and compassion and to be loving and compassionate with ourselves and others. In the channeling events, Mother Mary emanates the most pure, unconditional love that one can not possibly resist, for it is what we all so deeply desire. Many people have said that it is the most love they have ever experienced in their entire lives. It is this love that heals and creates miracles.
As the mother of all, she is calling us to come back home into the holy vessel of our hearts. Her messages are simple and direct so that anyone can understand them regardless of religious or ethnic backgrounds. Mother Mary is not interested in teaching about religion or dogma, but rather spiritual enlightenment which she says is meant to be simple. She wants us to claim our divinity and know that we are worthy of living a life of joy, fulfillment and true freedom. She often speaks about empowerment and leaving the old comfort zone which is based in fear and separation. Mother Mary helps us move beyond the illusion of separation and duality and experience our oneness. She asks us to hold the "Immaculate Concept" for ourselves and every man, woman and child to embody our blue print of divinity and return to our God - consciousness.
At this time we are also being asked to help anchor the Divine Feminine on to our planet. This can only be done through the heart. Mother Mary exemplifies the Divine Feminine through her essence of beauty, sweetness, pure love and compassion. Sometimes during the channeling events people actually smell roses, which is her flower. I have had the great honor of purchasing an Icon (portrait) of Mary from a church which was blessed with rose oil. The oil came from another Icon which was streaming the rose oil. The church had over 30 pages of testimonials from people who had received miraculous healings from the oil. Several days later, my Icon began streaming the rose oil (another miracle).
Throughout the channeling events, Mary periodically sings. The sounds have the effect of opening the heart and harmonizing the chakras and auric field. She will very often sing into the heart of each person. Many have had profound heart opening experiences both during and after these events, as well as physical and emotional healing. Mary ends each event by asking everyone to imagine a beautiful rose in the center of the heart. She says, "This is where you carry me. This is where I am always with you. Come and sit with me in the rose of your heart and let me comfort you and guide you. Know that I will walk with you all the days of your life...arm in arm, heart in heart".
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