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Christiana Maria has "seen" angels since childhood

Since my early childhood, I have very naturally connected with angels. They have always been a very important and integral part of my life. I remember my first grade teacher telling us to leave space on our bench for our guardian angel to sit next to us. We also learned special prayers and songs to sing to our angels. I never questioned that my guardian angel was always with me. This has given me a great feeling of comfort, to know that I am never alone and that I am always in the company of a beloved companion who loves and watches over me.

As an adult, my connection with angels has continued to grow and expand. Several years ago, my sister gave me a card with a picture of a beautiful angel. I placed it next to my bed. One morning as I looked over at the card, I heard a voice say, " it is time". I knew immediately that I was being guided to create an angel work shop, which would help others to connect more directly with the angels.

Recently there has been tremendous interest in angels. I believe there are two reasons for this. One is that the material world is very fleeting. For example, one day you may have the "security" of a job or a relationship and the next day you may not. Therefore, people continue to search for that which is eternal. The other reason is that we are undergoing a huge planetary shift in consciousness. This shift has created an opening for the angels to connect more closely with us. Our two species are drawing nearer than ever to each other and the angels want this connection as much as we do.

The word ANGEL means "Accept Now God's Eternal Love" - and that is exactly the message they bring. We are never alone. There is limitless love and support for us. We are never separate from the spiritual world. Angels guide our lives even if we do not see or hear them. They are beings of light who are ever present with us. They have much to share to help us understand the nature of our existence and the ways to create loving and successful lives. Angels seek to remind us of our divine heritage and want us to claim our divinity and spiritual roots. They help us to align with our Higher Self. They also remind us of the truth, beauty and goodness that is inherent in every one and every thing.

Angels are always in the service of God and not of themselves. They don't want to be worshiped - they want to serve. They love to serve as administers of healing. In my healing practice, angels are always present during the healings. They bring their love, comfort, guidance and support. I always see and feel their presence. They will often bring messages which I then relay to my clients.

Angels will connect with us in a way that we can each best experience them. They connect with us at the highest level that we are capable of functioning. They are not limited to any one form. They will appear in the form that we as individuals are most receptive to. Some people meet them in dreams, visions or meditations. Others will feel their presence and inspiration. Sometimes angels will take on a human form, for the purpose of intervening in someone's life in order to help them in some way. We have all heard or read about mysterious happenings - incidents that defy rational explanations, where intervention occurs to save people's lives. Sometimes angels will also work through humans and use us to perform miracles.

You will know that you are connecting with an angel if you experience peace, love, acceptance and sweetness. You will feel deeply cared for and embraced by a loving, guiding presence. When angels are acknowledged, they are delighted to share themselves even more.

Angels have been asked to make more contact with us because we are all being asked to be bearers of light and thus partners with the angels. We are now being asked to take on those qualities that the angels represent - love, compassion, tenderness and caring for each other and the earth. The angels want to help us develop these qualities. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude to the angels for the opportunity to serve along side them. Together we can bring love and peace to our planet and herald in the "Golden Age of Heaven on Earth".