Christina Maria Kramer

    Christina Maria Kramer, globally recognized channel for Mother Mary, is an acclaimed healer and spiritual counselor who has experienced and co-created profound healing miracles.


    In answer to her sincere prayers, Mother Mary has appeared to her and now speaks and heals through Christina’s body and voice.

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    Divine Channeling from Mother Mary, Spiritual Counseling and Physical Healing

    Healing of the Heart

    Spiritual Counseling for Men and Women to open to Love.

    Open to Love Spiritual Counseling can help you move into great love of life, better relationships and personal fulfillment.

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    Channeled Conversation with Mother Mary to Bless and Guide You. Receive deep healing.

    Mother Mary speaks through Christina Maria's voice and heals through her body.

    Her profound unconditional love can create miracles for you.

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    Physical and Emotional Healing

    Christina Maria is a Barbara Brennan Healer and has helped clients achieve profound results.

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    Get ongoing loving spiritual counseling and support. If you are going through a time of change let yourself receive wise spiritual counseling.

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    About Christina Maria

    Divine Channel

    Christina Maria is a highly acclaimed spiritual counselor and healer who has channeled Mother Mary for over 12 years.


    Miracle Experiences

    Discover How Mother Mary has created miracles for people just like you.

    Strengthen your faith in miracles

    Amazing intercession of the Divine Mother. Find out more

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    Miraculous Blessings in Your Own Life

    Christina Maria would love to support you in bringing healing blessings and miracles into your life. Choose one or a series of Mother Mary channeled sessions. Or, schedule ongoing spiritual counseling with Christina a special help during these times of change.

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    Mother Mary Healing & Blessing

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    Bring Mother Mary's miraculous support into every aspect of your life with a package of healing sessions for long-term growth and deep healing transformation of any life situation or challenge.

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  • Immediate Healing Reported

    A lovely lady wrote to Christina through this website to let her know

    that she had an extraordinary experience just listening to a recent interview where Christina Maria Channeled Mother Mary's unconditional love.

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    Receive Your Heart's Desires through the Power of Divine Love

    Receive Your Heart's Desires through the Power of Divine Love

    This channeling contains surprising and beautiful help form Mother Mary on how to receive your Heart's Desires. There is profound healing and help for your manifestations in this teaching.
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    Manifest with Magical Ease. Joy of the Divine Feminine Workshop

    Manifest with Magical Ease. Joy of the Divine Feminine Workshop

    This is an enchanting and beautiful workshop that shares the secret of Manifesting the Divine Feminine Way. If you would like to receive without strain, struggle and forcing this is for you. Mother Mary brings us a beautiful healing of our chakras and energy system. She provides us with secrets of manifestation and takes us on a glorious guided meditation to meet the Earth Angels, the Fairy and Devic Realms. This is a recording to treasure and reconnect you with the joy and wonder of your inner child. One hour recording.
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    Receive Heaven's Riches Your Divine Right to Abundance

    Receive Heaven's Riches Your Divine Right to Abundance

    This exceptional message from Mother Mary contains priceless knowledge and her personal grace and blessings of abundance. Discover why God wants you to live in lavish abundance, receive profound healing. And meet your own personal Angel of Abundance. This call is an essential teaching from Mother Mary. 60 Min mp3.
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    Nurture Your Heart

    Nurture Your Heart

    In this channeling, Mother Mary teaches you how to live with an open heart and how to nurture and listen to the true needs of your heart and attract to yourself all that your heart most deeply desires.

    You will learn to access the well of beauty, wisdom and love within your own heart. She also helps you to understand and release the illusion of separation.

    Mother Mary teaches how an open heart is your greatest source of guidance, protection and happiness.
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    Divine LIght Mastery Channeling

    Divine LIght Mastery Channeling

    This channeling will awaken you to the truth of your own Divine Light in all of it's glory, beauty, power and expansiveness. Mother Mary teaches how to walk as a Master of Light along side the Ascended Masters and great beings of light.
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  • New! Angel Readings

    An Angel Reading makes a beautiful gift for yourself or someone special. I have seen and felt Angels since I was a little child. I am so delighted to be able to share their love and wisdom with you. A 45 minute reading is guided by three Angel cards that will help you understand your part, present and future. During the reading I will tune to each angel and they will speak through me. You may feel their presence and love with you in your room. Sessions are available from anywhere in the world over the phone and may be recorded.

  • Miraculous Healing Stories from Christina Maria's experiences with Mother Mary.

    Experiences with Mother Mary Channeled through Christina Maria Kramer


    Read all the miraculous stories and the experiences of people like you here

    Miraculous Healing for Baby in ICU Life Saved by Mother Mary

    Divine Intercession

    "At my request, Christina Maria gave a long distance healing session for a five day old baby girl, Suzanna. Suzanna, the granddaughter of a dear friend had been in ICU since her traumatic birth due to aspiring meconium into her lungs. There were other complications which made her condition extremely critical. They were afraid of losing her. Within one hour after the session, I received a call from the parents to tell me that Suzanna was starting to respond for the first time since her birth. She was soon after able to breathe on her own without the need for equipment. A few days later, she went home and has been healthy ever since.

    When I asked Christina how she had been able to heal the baby, she told me that she asked Mother Mary to work through her. Mother Mary took the baby into her arms, using Christina's body and gently rocked her as she tenderly spoke and sang to the infant's soul. Then working through Christina's hands, Mother Mary removed the mucus and infection from her lungs. It was truly a miracle ! The doctors were amazed at her sudden recovery. Christina Maria has extraordinary gifts as a healer and embodiment for Mother Mary."

    ~ Maria White
    Ithaca, New York


    Read many more miracle stories at

    Miraculous Physical Healing for My Heart

    Wonderful experience at group channeling event

    "Encountering the Love of Mother Mary through Christina’s gift has been the greatest blessing of 2016 for me. I have been dealing with doctors and heart issues for a couple of months this year. At my first channeling I was wearing a heart monitor and I had no clue what to expect. She began the channeling and unexpected tears of healing came to us all. Mother Mary sang into my heart and reassured me that I am loved. When she sang into my heart, I could see and feel my heart light up with a beautiful light. She reminded me of the beauty of a spiritual life. After that experience, I had my heart checked and now it is fine.

    I was so intrigued with the channeling that I needed more time; I didn’t want it to end. Being so fascinated by the channeling I attended a second one. The second one was so different from the first. I got a chance to let my inner child run free. My inner child was so happy and wild. I was allowed to see my vulnerable side again. Mother Mary allowed my inner child to heal. We also received a precious gift from our guardian angels. Mother Mary allowed me to see my guardian angel which I now know is a male angel with wings so big and beautiful, they are breathtaking. I truly enjoy every channeling with Christina and I know I will gladly attend many more in the future."

    ~ Nancy Estephanie Arias
    Santa Maria, CA


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  • Find out about Christina Maria's
    Miraculous Icon

    People have had extraordinary experiences
    with a miraculous icon gifted to Christina Maria

    Miraculous Icon Exudes Rose Oil

    "Room fills with the scent of Roses"

    I have to share this profound miracle with you - Last night Christina and I attended a service where we experienced the miracle of Rose Oil exuding from an Icon of Mother Mary. The entire Church was filled with the smell of roses!

    We each experienced a profound healing. While we were there, Christina purchased her own Icon, and had it blessed with the Rose Oil which she brought back to my house.


    This afternoon as Christina walked from my kitchen into my dining room, she experienced an overwhelming fragrance of roses near my dining table. She called me into the room and I had the same experience. We were both filled with bliss, feeling completely intoxicated with the smell of roses!

    Several days later, her Icon was exuding the Rose Oil. We knew that a great blessing had occurred. With great gratitude I share this experience with you in the hope that you may also come and experience the profound blessings of Mother Mary.

    Elaine Perkus

    Health Coach, Owner of Highest Potential Wellness Center

    Binghamton, New York


  • People all over the World have profound experiences with Channeled Mother Mary Sessions

    Discover the Miracle of Mother Mary's Love in Action

    You can work with Mother Mary in a series of sessions to get Divine Support for any issue.

    "Many of my family members received healing ; my daughter learned to forgive her father You automatically open your heart." - Claudia, CA

    An Entire Family receives healing through Mother Mary's Grace.

    "Extraordinary, phenomenally powerful and deeply healing It will move you and change your life in every way" - Ragan, CA

    Experience of a Personal Mother Mary Session

    "I've seen many people heal from these channelings.
    Healed and anointed in warmth and love. - Rev. Maryam. Center of the Heart." Santa Barbara.

    Beautiful experiences from group channeling event.

  • Other wonderful ways you can work with Christina Maria

    Christina Maria has over 30 years experience, a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and

    has studies directly with the founders of many powerful transformational modalities. Why not give yourself the gift today of a beautiful healing and loving support.

    Explore Re-birthing

    Christina Maria has been personally trained by Leonard Orr, the Founder of Rebirthing.

    Rebirthing is a very powerful form of breath work. It involves merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle, relaxed rhythm and intuitive way that floods the body with Divine Energy. It gives you the ability to breathe in energy as well as air and ignites every cell in the body with energy. Every breath induces relaxation.

    Book Your Healing

    Advanced Healing Energy Session

    Christina Maria is a graduate and teacher of the Barbara Brennan System

    Each chakra and layer of the energy field is balanced, cleared, energized and repaired (if needed). . Throughout the session all parts of the body are addressed. Inhibiting patterns of disease, emotional blockages, limiting beliefs or past traumas can be healed and released.

    Metamorphic Healing

    Energy Session

    Metamorphic Healing can create profound physical Change

    In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique® the practitioner uses a light, non-invasive touch on specific areas of the feet, hands and head while at the same time providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome. Christina has facilitated some remarkable outcomes for physical issues.


  • Is Spiritual Counseling

    Right for You?

    In today''s busy world of change and uncertainty it is good to have loving and skillful ongoing support. Christina Maria provides monthly and yearly counseling support packages to help you through any event or transformation.

    Invite Angels into your Life

    Find out about upcoming angel workshops courses and events.

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