• Divine Love from Mother Mary
    Channeled through Christina Maria

    Tickets $25

    December 12th, 2018. 7:00 to 9:00 pm

    Center of the Heart, 487 N. Turnpike Rd., Santa Barbara, CA

    Christina Maria brings forth the embodiment, unconditional love and beautiful messages of the Divine Mother. Mother Mary has been working with her since childhood to prepare her for this great mission - to help awaken and anchor the Divine Feminine onto the planet.
    Throughout the channeling, you will receive transmissions of the Divine Mother's profound healing energy as she sings beautiful sounds which will open your heart and harmonize your energy field and chakras. She may also sing into your heart.
    Individual sessions are also available in which Mother Mary will assist you with your questions and concerns. Many have experienced profound emotional and physical healing from these channelings.


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