• How to Manifest with Magical Ease Divine Feminine Online Workshop

    Saturday 1pm Pacific, Jan 30th

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    Join from anywhere in the world via PC or tablet

    The Divine Mother and her angels have said to me and people who come for readings that we are “meant to have it all.” It is Creator’s will for us to live in peace, joy, harmony ease and abundance. Yet we have been experiencing so much action-oriented struggle. I have been inspired to share the Divine Feminine way to play and vision our way to receiving and attracting prosperity and Divine opulence with ease.

    • Workshop will be 90 minutes on Zoom
    • Beautiful clearing healing and upgrade of your manifesting energy
    • Lovely guided process to help you manifest and receive love, protection and prosperity for your 2021.
    • This heavenly experience will be blessed and overlit by the Divine Mother, The angels of prosperity, creation and manifestation.  And we will invite in the Fairy realms and nature spirits to come and play with us in the Garden of our manifestation.

    Manifestation Workshop just $95 to tune active your for a year of prosperity.


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