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The True Story of a Miracle experienced by Chrstina Maria

Our Prayers Are Always Answered
When I was a little girl around the age of seven, I developed a very strong devotion to Mother Mary. I had wished that she would appear and speak to me as she did to the children at Lourdes and Fatima. I would often take my mother's statue of Mary and with the strong faith of a child, I knelt before it praying and waiting for Mary to transform into a " real person" and speak to me.
In my late teen age years, I moved away from my Catholic roots and explored other avenues of spirituality. Eventually, I lived in a yoga ashram and developed an interest in the Hindu avatars and saints. Years later I became interested in Buddhism. My spiritual life became very eclectic. It wasn't until many years later that I reconnected with my devotion to Mother Mary.
I had a very powerful experience in which she came to me and asked me to merge with her and to become one of her embodiments and messengers. She asked me to teach others how to connect with her and feel her divine love. As she spoke to me I re-experienced my childhood passion and deep longing to be with her. My prayers were answered. Through the years my work with Mary has deepened and gifted me with many profound blessings. I now travel internationally to bring her love and healing energy to all who are open to receive her.
Our prayers are always answered and often in miraculous ways. When we are patient and willing to surrender and allow our highest good to come forth, it is inevitable that we will receive all that we need and more as I did. Little did I know as a small child, that not only would Mary speak to me but to thousands of others through me. At a recent retreat that I was leading in Assisi, Italy, Mother Mary did actually appear to me through a beautiful statue in the chapel of an ancient Cathedral. The experience was profound. Also, my dream of visiting Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe and other Marian sites was fulfilled. Yes, our prayers are always answered. However in the Divine's great wisdom, our prayers will never be answered until our soul is ready to receive what we are praying for. Also, we must always pray for the highest good for all concerned in any situation.
When we pray with sincere intention and an open heart, our inner light blends with our thoughts and words creating a beautiful energy atunement between ourselves and to whomever we are praying. There is so much available to us when we pray with an open heart and the faith of a child using our own unique way of expressing ourselves. It is the gateway to the source of divine love within us. This expression may take many forms other than words. It can also be through sound, movement, ritual, etc. Many times our most profound prayers take place in silence where we deeply listen to the voice of the divine.
Prayer provides us with strength, courage, protection, guidance and enormous support. It is also one of the most powerful tools for transformation and enlightenment. Through prayer I have often gone into states of bliss where I could literally feel profound shifts taking place within me. Another very important gift of prayer is that it greatly helps to release the illusion of separation.
Prayer is especially helpful when we are feeling powerless to change situations in our own lives or for others or the planet. It is it not a great comfort to know that divine intervention is always available when we ask for it ? We are never alone. Remember the movie, Field of Dreams....."if you build it he will come". So it is with prayer. If we ask and prepare a place in our hearts to receive, the Divine is always ready to answer and serve our highest good. Mother Mary asks us to remember that with God all things are possible.